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System Specs for Toshiba Satellite A205-S5810

Type of System:Laptops / Notebooks
Bus Architecture:USB
CPU Type:1.6 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core

System Memory

Standard Memory: 256 MB or 512 MB or 1 GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory:2 GB
Memory Expansion:2 Sockets

Batteries & Adapters

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
Web Price Availability Details Order
High Performance Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack
10.8 Volts, 4600mAH, 6 cells.     
PA3533U-1BAS, PA3533U-1BRS, PA3534U-1BAS, PA3534U-1BRS, PA3794U-1BRS, PABAS097, PABAS098, TB49M6, B-5038, TS-A200, PA3727U-1BRS BTOS-3536 $54.00 $44.00 In Stock  Product
High Performance Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack
10.8 Volts, 7200mAH, 9 cells. This battery has a bigger physical size and 55% more run time than our part number BTOS-3536     
PA3535U-1BRS, TS-A200H, TSB3535 BTOS-3536H $59.00 $49.00 In Stock  Product
AC (Power) Adapter
120 Watt AC Adapter     
350221-001, 350775-001, 360699-001, 360699-001B, 361072-001, 361072-031, 361072-071, 393945-001, 393946-001, 393946-002, 394900-001, 40004489, 6500918, 6501064, 6708BA0055A, 6708BA0055B, 6708BA0055X, 76-010502-00, 76-011160-5A, 76-011201-25, 83-110110-3000, 90-N55PW1002, 90-N7VPW1001, 90-N7VPW1011, 90-N9LPW1000, 91.47Y28.002, 91.49V28.002, ACE83-110101-4300, ADP-120SB, ADP-120SB A, ADP-120SB B, ADP-120ZB, ADP-120ZB BB, ADP-120ZB BBD, ADP-120ZB BBDF, ADP-120ZB BBE, PA3290U-2ACA, PA3290U-3ACA, PA3516U-1ACA, PA3717U-1ACA, 11203-51, TI2006 ACTOS-C11K $41.00 $31.00 In Stock  Product
Battery Charger External Standalone Unit n/a EBCTOS-1085 $139.00 $129.00 In Stock  Product