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System Specs for Siemens Nixdorf SCENIC Mobile 300

Type of System:Laptops / Notebooks
Bus Architecture:PC Card (PCMCIA)
Native OS:Windows 95
CPU Type:120 or 133MHz Intel Pentium

System Memory

Standard Memory: 8 MB (non-removable)
Maximum Memory:40 MB
Memory Expansion:2 sockets (1 bank of 2)

System Memory

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
Web Price Availability Details Order
8MB Kit (contains 2 - 4MB modules) S26391-F115-E11, S26391-F115-L11 KSIE151 $44.00 $34.00 In Stock   
16MB Kit (contains 2 - 8MB modules) S26391-F115-E12, S26391-F115-L12 KSIE152 $58.00 $48.00 In Stock   
32MB Kit (contains 2 - 16MB modules) S26391-F115-E13, S26391-F115-L13 KSIE153 $26.00 $16.00 In Stock  Product