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System Specs for Acer Aspire One D270 AOD270-1410

Type of System:Laptops / Notebooks
Bus Architecture:USB
CPU Type:Intel Atom

System Memory

Standard Memory: 1 GB (Removable)
Maximum Memory:1GB with Windows 7 Starter / 2GB with other operating systems
Memory Expansion:1 Socket(s)

Batteries & Adapters

Description OEM Part No. Kahlon
Part No.
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High Performance Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack
11.1 volts, 6 cells, 4400mAH     
AK.003BT.071, AK.006BT.074, AL10A31, AL10B31, AL10G31, BT.00603.121, LC.BTP00.128, LC.BTP00.129, GT-LT2802U BACE-1031 $69.00 $59.00 In Stock  Product
AC (Power) Adapter
60 Watt AC Adapter     
25.10064.04, 25.10064.041, 91.41Q28.002, 91.41Q28.003, 91.42S28.002, 91.48R28.003, ADP-65DB, LC.ADT01.003, PA-1600-02, 25.10110.001, 25.10110.251, 25.10143.003, 91.41Q28.001, 91.44G28.002, A065R035L, A11-065N1A, AC0655517E, AP06501007, AP06501008, AP06501009, AP06501010, AP-06501-010, AP06501015, AP06501026, AP06503024, AP06506003, API2AD02, APT2303002, PA-1700-02AB, PA-1900-04AW, PA-1900-04LR, PC-AB7810, PC-AP7200, PC-AP7900, SADP-65KB, SADP-65KBB, SADP-65KBD, ADP-65JH, AC1514, AC1914, AC19V65U, AC-1965111 ACACE-C13 $28.00 $18.00 In Stock  Product